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Full Version: Silent Civilian
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Hey guys I want to share this band with you all that I recently discovered:

This is from their newest record:

They are called Silent Civilian and they are sort of a modern Metal/Metalcore/Thrash Metal Band who have put out 2 records now. I absolutely love their sound and music (propably because I am playing a very similar style with my own band). The drums are incredible but at no times over the top, the riffs and leads are awesome and the vocals are really powerfull!

Here is some older, more metalcore-like stuff by the band:
thanks for sharing!
sometimes i really like listening to metalcore, i just saw a few more vids from them on youtube and i definitely will get both records from them asap!
Daniel Realpe
that second one sounds a little like strapping young lad,

it's a great band indeed,

but it's getting a bit cliched to do the clean vocal choruses after screaming verses,
Hmmm, that was actually pretty cool smile.gif
Thanks for sharing mate smile.gif
Their songs are very well crafted, and the music is pretty good, but the American metal scene is COMPLETELY saturated with bands that have pretty much the same sound and image. It then just boils down to who gets the most support from their label.
The Uncreator
Got to agree. SC haven't gotten much attention probably cause there just another band in a thousand on the scene. Saturation is a good word I think, the scene is soaked with this kind of stuff, hard to make your music stand out and get proper attention, especially in America.
Vasilije Vukmirovic
They are very good. Still, it seems that market is saturated with lots of good bands....
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