Hi I'm Grae, I'm from Scotland! biggrin.gif

I have been playing for almost 4 years now, and I came to GMC because I can't afford £15 for an hours lesson every week, so i came here to learn Keys and Scales and how to write music, also perhaps some exercises and licks i can practice to improve my skills smile.gif

I like to play lots of things on the guitar, primarily rock and metal but I would like to learn to be a decent jazz and blues guitarist, I particularly like George Benson, for his guitar stuff, the R&B stuff is okay. My personal tastes range from metal to acid house, and jazz blues country and everything in between. laugh.gif

I don't go wild for virtuoso stuff, it's impressive but i just prefer to listen to songs with good rhythm and smooth playing mellow.gif

I dislike Dragonforce with a passion!!! blink.gif

Hope to get along with you folks! cool.gif

edit: I apologise if i bump topics in the off-topic discussion area too much, I'm a little bit of a forum whore, hehe