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Mate Nagy
Hi !
Here you can ask about my lessons, requests etc.
Hey Mate, can you send me your Hard Rock Insanity lesson's bt please?

Can you give me a video tutorial song from EDGUY Vain Glory Opera-

thanks in advance
Hi Máté,

hope you are still in contact with this site. I have a question to your "Killer Pentatonics III Doug Aldrich Style".

I understand the Picking Pattern. And the root scale is a-minor pentatonic. But sometimes you leave the scale, and I don't understand the systematic, why?

Maybe you could help me out?

First position is in the first stroke, D-String, Fret 5 to 8 (instead of 5 to 7).
After that it is again A-minor Pentatonic until Stroke 7, D-String, Fret 17 to 20 (instead of 17 to 19).

Same thing, only one octave higher.
I know this note is from the blues scale - is this the right context, or any other reason?

After that I can't identify the correct scale?

Best regards

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Alexander, I think that you are talking about G string (3rd string) not D string. That's where Mate switches to 5 - 8, using the blue note instead of the 4th of the scale. This exta note is usually added to Pentatonic minor scale and what you get is the popular "Blues Scale".

This idea used in this way gives the Shred style lick a bluesy feel...

Please let me know if this answers your question.

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