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Full Version: Open Triads In G Major Scale Series Part 1
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This is my first REC attempt.Starting with a level 3 lesson.Will work my way up to the top soon:)

Here is the original:Open Triads in G Major Part 1

Equipment used: Ibanez GRG170DX (GIO series),Roland Cube 15w,Sony Handycam

Mate Nagy
Hi Vaidya !

It's good to see you in the REC program.
I like your clean sound and you've learned the lesson well.
I hardly could hear the backing track but I've heard some minor timing issues.
Next time, please make sure that the 'audience' can hear the BT too.

Nice take man, keep it up !

Ben Higgins
Hey Vaidya !

Great take.. this is a really nice piece of music isn't it ?

You've got the chord shapes sorted and they ring out properly. As Mate said above, they were a few little timing issues, where you played in front of the beat a little.. but nothing major, and was probably due to the unfamiliarity of the chord shapes. When you become more confident with the shapes and know it off by heart, then you can stay on the chords longer before shifting to the next one. So all in all, good stuff ! smile.gif

Zsolt Galambos
Hey Vaidya!

Nice to see your first REC take!

I can tell you this is a very good take. Although the backing is a bit quiet, I could clearly hear it and hear all the tiny timing mistakes. The biggest occured when you played the octaves, twice. The chords are however played clearly and fretted nicely. Your sound is also good.

Keep it up man, thumbs up! smile.gif

Bogdan Radovic
You'll need to make the backing track louder for future REC submissions as it was barely audible. Its a good take with some timing issues.
Cosmin Lupu
Hey there smile.gif sorry for the late reply!

i can't find any mistakes aside from the little timing slips, but the more you practice, the faster you'll get over those wink.gif

and I also think that you should raise the overall volume, otherwise, good work!! biggrin.gif

as an advice wink.gif try and tap your foot to the groove, keep a steady beat with your foot, and your whole body will keep up with it. If you have questions, pleas don't hesitate to ask!

all the best

Sergio Dorado
Great sound (I love sounds of Roland Cube Amps) The position of both hands is very good. Would be great if you can record audio and video separately, and after mix the tracks. Rythm is Ok, also.
Recording is one of best things you can do for learning
Ivan Milenkovic
I think it sounds very good. I couldn't hear the backing very well tho. Only thing I can suggest is that you play those chords a bit tighter (all notes at once, watch the fingers when picking), and to do the chord changes faster with the fretting hand.
8.16 man, good job!
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