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My name is Kayo, 21 years old and from Estonia. Okay, here's a little life story from my relationship with music. Picked up the guitar first time when I was like 3 years old? It was my uncles, but I just didn't know what to do with it and noone in my home could play it, because the guitar is kinda new instrument in Estonia, but the guitar has made tremendous improvements compared to the last 10 years here and all over the world ofcourse:).
So anyway, I picked it up again when I was 17 and wanted to become more familiar wih it. My home was from a small place on an island so the people wheren't connected to music instruments that much and there wheren't many teachers around. So I decided to get myself into studying it which was the best thing that happened in my life. Ofcourse I did it by myself which was quite hard and frustrating. The guitar itself is quite a hard instrument for a first timer who hasn't studyied other instruments. I could play songs that I lerned by heart. The song which got me to the guitar was "Under the bridge" from the RHCP. cool.gif Guitar heroes like Jimi Hendrix more likely made it more difficult for me to love the guitar, because the stuff he played was just... I could'nt understand anything that he did - it was too hard for me to learn the notes that he played and the speed was too fast. This was also one of the mistakes I made that I know now. Also, don't get me wrong, Jimi Hendrix is a big influence in my life in general.
So, I could play songs that others played like somewhat or somehow smile.gif, but the music didn't come from me, I didn't know how to express my guitar playing in music. This kept on going for 3-4 years. Now I bought a Dean Hardtail and now I am dedicating my life for music. Yes, that's what I want to do for sure. Because I don't want nothing else. Music gives me peace of mind for my soul and I just can't live without music. I think it's a good sign for my future, but it has it's up's and downs. It's a choice I made recently and that's what I'm going to do. I don't know if I'm going to make a living from music, which ofcourse would be my wildest dream to earn some food and pay my bills smile.gif, but I don't hold my hopes strong for money. I would be happy just to come home from work or something and get into playing music. Ofcourse I will learn as much as I can
Anyway, now I moved out of the bombshell and as faith put it, got a a very good teacher in a local music school, a guy who I can really look up to. I'm taking private lessons from 2 teachers twice a week, but I'm hoping to get into a real music school here, so I got to work myself up to the level where I can continue my studies with music. Also in the next 2 weeks I'm going to find a piano teacher and start with piano for sure and as much instruments as I can. Also traded my old guitar for bass yesterday. I just love the bass lessons from Bogdan Radovic and the lessons from Ivan Milenkovic. Getting into all the stuff as much as I can.
Now my point being is to THANK YOU, GMC! This site is just really-really great. It's so cool and has so many features. I have like meetings with private teachers twice a week, but with the help of modern technology and with YOU ALL, I stay in touch with music teachers and students all the time and that's just fantastic. I feel like I'm not alone anymore smile.gif. Also I'd like to point out that it's very cool that this site is an European site which I can relate to because I'm European too. smile.gif I'm really looking forward for supporting this site for a long time. Thank you, and God bless and all of you!:)
Stephane Lucarelli
Welcome to GMC Kayo! Very nice intro and I'm sure you'll have lot of fun here! smile.gif
Bogdan Radovic
Very interesting introduction Kayo! Yes if you put your mind into something you will accomplish it. It is possibly to make a living through playing music you just have to work hard on it. Have fun learning with us and see you round the forum smile.gif)
Jerry Arcidiacono
Welcome to GMC Kayo and thanks for sharing your story smile.gif
Yeah, thanks for sharing. Welcome smile.gif
Great to hear your introduction! How inspiring! smile.gif God bless you too!
Nice introduction man! Welcome to GMC!
Hey neighbor (I'm from Latvia)! smile.gif Welcome to GMC! I'm sure it will help you as it helps us all. wink.gif
Heh, thanks. tongue.gif I also want to add that this is a very friendly community here, very friendly. smile.gif
Daniel Realpe
nice intro man, thanks for sharing!

Welcome to GMC Kayo biggrin.gif
Ivan Milenkovic
Wow, that's an awesome introduction post Kayo man, welcome aboard! biggrin.gif If you need anything, let us know! smile.gif
Ben Higgins
Hi, Kayo, and welcome to GMC smile.gif Thanks for sharing your story... if you want to make a living from music then you will make it happen for sure. The biggest and most powerful part is always making a decision.. then it's a case of watching as the world catches up with your decision and things begin to fall into place... not without hard work and focus of course smile.gif

welcome Kayo biggrin.gif looking foward to jam with you on the G3 ahah xD
Welcome Kayo, excellent introduction smile.gif

I agree, with GMC you never feel alone smile.gif Besides many interesting things take place here in the boards, so stick around for collabs, competitions, REC program, etc. cool.gif
Todd Simpson
We are thrilled to have you here at GMC smile.gif I'm Todd and I teach a video chat lesson each saturday at 22GMT. Stop by, we'd love to have you for our jam! You are gonna love it here!

Lian Gerbino
great introduction man! welcome!
Thanks for having me. Yesterday I took part of the instructor lessons Ramiro gave and I found answers to my questions which I ought to know in the very beginning stage playing the guitar, but I kinda didn't find direct answers to them from books and the internet. Again, thanks for having me. It's a really cool thing thats going on in here. smile.gif
Zsolt Galambos
Kayo, welcome to the site! That's a great introduction, reminds me of myself. When I first picked up the guitar, I learned everyhting by ear and played like that for the first 3-4 years smile.gif
Toni Suominen
Welcome to GMC! smile.gif
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