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Full Version: Lydian And Mixolydian Shapes (position 4 And 5)
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Just looking at 2 different guitar methods, I am a bit intrigued because it looks like the Lydian and Mixolydian shapes can have their notes played exactly in the same order in position 4 and position 5 so those 2 shapes can actually be "combined" to become one, depending on whether you play those shapes in the "3 notes per string" fashion or not ...

Here is what I mean, let's take the key of C major for example:

- 3 notes per string shape for F Lydian fingering (position 4):


- 3 notes per string shape for G Mixolydian fingering (position 5):


Now here is another fingering from another guitar method that combines position 4 and position 5 (thus giving us only one shape for both, instead of 2):


How is that possible?
Daniel Realpe
that last one is not lydian because you are not using the F as a starting point. But you are in the right track, once you picture these clearly in your head you'll start become more fluent in them definitely.
F Lydian and G Mixolydian have the same notes as C Major, which means that the scale boxes will be exactly the same. This is the same for all the 7 modes of the major scale. The difference is which note you start on.
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