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Full Version: Guns N' Roses - Knockin On Heavns Door Solo
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Hey Guys here is a video that I uploaded today.. I think I messed up in the end of the solo..
Could you guys tell me what you think ? Specially what you think of the tone .. ( If Possibly Some tips on how to improve it ) smile.gif Oh and If you want to, Subscribe or friend me tongue.gif - REMOVED

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Hey Ruben,
I really like your tone! Guitar sounds a bit out of tune at some points, but overall it was a very good performance!
Thanks Gitarrero! I'm not sure Why But the guitar has been havin some tuning Issues I think its because I have been alternating between E standart and Eb too much latelly.. I think its the G string that was out of tune ..
Daniel Realpe
Quite nice! you have to be conscious of where each phrase begins. Review the last phrase, you came in a little late.
Yeah .. I knew Something was a bit off..
I recorded a new take.. smile.gif
bump smile.gif
Rated Htr
Hey meu wink.gif

I think it's overall pretty good, if I had to be picky I would say to train a bit more the vibrato. Even though it's rock, it's a ballad and it feels natural, at least to me, to have a more wide and slow vibrato in these sorts of situations. Good job man.
Bogdan Radovic
Overall very good cover. Just pay attention to bending to always hit the right pitch/note. Vibrato could use a bit more control and watch out not to de-tune the notes with it. Overall very good and sound was very similar to original.
Ben Higgins
I was really impressed by your take ! Lots of feeling which is the most important part.. the rest you can fine tune but it's feeling that cannot be taught, so as long as you have that you're in a good position.

If you are looking to work on your vibrato I'm in the chat room tonight from 7pm GMT talking about it.. shameless plug, I know but it would be good to have you there ! smile.gif
Thanks Guys .. I'm adding Vibrato and Bending to my practice routine right now smile.gif

@Ben Higgins:

Cool ! I will try to be there man!

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