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Full Version: Favorite G'n'r Tune?
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Kristofer Dahl
Check out Lucio's new Slash Lesson, "Metal Solo", and then post a reply to today's topic.

What's your favorite G'N'R tune?
Rigth Now It's Estranged! but the one I can listen to all the time is Nightrain..
Chris Evans
Close call between Paradise city and November Rain for me, but went for Para city smile.gif
I cant decide actually, but for the past couple of months Appetite for Destruction have been in the car..

And on that disc I usually listen to "Night Train", "Mr. BrownStone" and "Rocket Queen".. I also listen to the rest of the album, but these three songs are my top at the moment.. some killer riffs and solos going on there.. smile.gif Awesome.. smile.gif

no vote from me since neither of the mentioned songs are present.. wink.gif
I am not a big fan listener to GNR but one of my favorite songs is Paradise city
Bear Rose
They are all so so so good that its hard to pick just one! But my favorite song by them would have to be Sweet Child O' Mine. Its timeless.
Jerry Arcidiacono
Paradise City is an awesome song but for this poll my vote goes for Rocket Queen.
Estranged. Great song from the beginning till the end.
Whew...they'ver got many good ones. I went for "Jungle", followed by November Rain. But I also love Rocket Queen and Civil War, which are missing in the poll... smile.gif
Garden of Eden, Don't damn me and Double Talkin' Jive and also night train
The Farmer
Tough call between Estranged and November Rain, but Estranged is imo a tad more epic smile.gif

Although Civil War is probably my favourit...... should have posted it on the poll as well wink.gif
Todd Simpson
Close call for me between Welcome to the Jungle and Paradise City. Great Solo in Paradise. Great rythm guitar in Jungle.
Zsolt Galambos
Garden of Eden smile.gif I love that song!

Paradise City and Nightrain are also killers!
My favorite GNR song today is "Its So Easy" but tomorrow it might be something else biggrin.gif
Daniel Realpe
Locomotive right now,...
Ben Higgins
Seeing as Nightrain isn't on the list it has to be Outta Get Me - it sums up the whole attitude of 'Appetite..' perfectly and the riffs rock supremely hard ! cool.gif
Rocket Queen hands down favourite of mine! Estranged is a very very very close second.... but I love them all smile.gif
Rated Htr
Don't Cry for me smile.gif
Bogdan Radovic
I would say "You could be mine". But from the poll list - Sweet Child O Mine smile.gif
Ivan Milenkovic
Don't Cry! smile.gif

...and it´s not even close.
Gabriel Leopardi
I love every GN'R song! I voted for Estranged just because I want to hear it now. smile.gif
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