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Full Version: Don't Cry Solo
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Rated Htr
Hey guys!

I'm here to share a part of my little experience.
A few days ago I decided to learn small and simple solos by ear (to start off) so I can stop using tabs so much and getting caught up in the fingering of other people and all that that has stopped me from learning many solos.

This one however is kinda of special atm because at 3PM today I decided to learn the solo, recorded it and upload it.
It took almost 50 minutes according to my clock to do all of this and wanted to know your opinions.

There's a part there that I missed a bit of timing if I'm not mistaken but overall, I'm quite happy, even though it's simple.

C&C please smile.gif

Awesome man! smile.gif
Great job biggrin.gif Playing it on a Strat will always make it sound better wink.gif
Nicely done smile.gif Hope we will see more smile.gif

Top drawer that mate, loved your vibrato at the start, really wide and full, nice job!
Kristian Hyvarinen
Great job man! I think you have a really good vibrato, keep developing it. Vibrato's the essence of slow solos so it's cool to see you have put the effort in training it. Learning solos by ear is always a challenging task (at least for me it is) and I think you nailed this one with a great feel.

I couldn't really see any big mistakes there - maybe you could pick some of the notes more aggressively (a common issue among non-pro guitar players, people seem to be afraid that they might break their guitar biggrin.gif). Smash those rings with the pick when you get to the sick bends towards the end of the solo, with a big motion (it doesn't necessarily affect the sound but it sure looks cool).

Keep it up, this was inspirational! smile.gif
Rated Htr
Thanks guys, today my brother challenged me to do the unforgiven solo, so I'll try that today but gonna step it up a notch and do some camera work to make a better video wink.gif
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