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Full Version: Michael Angelo Batio
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Do you know him? He is a bit insane biggrin.gif

Wow! ohmy.gif That is just awesome! I can't believe that human being can play like he played at 2:55 smile.gif
QUOTE (K1R @ Apr 15 2011, 07:02 PM) *
Wow! ohmy.gif That is just awesome! I can't believe that human being can play like he played at 2:55 smile.gif

Same here, i just shocked when i saw it biggrin.gif
This guys merger of technique and melody is just insane. This is my favorite song of his.

Gabriel Leopardi
yeah, his technique for shredding is very effective. Isn't he faster than light? smile.gif
The Uncreator
Seen him live 3 times, met him on all occasions as well. He is a super nice guy, modest, humble, and will answer any question you ask him. Rain Forest performed live is beautiful, when he plays he just zones out, he isn't aware of the crowd watching - He just plays, and its just fantastic.

Also, Hands Without Shadows is such a cool record.
Cosmin Lupu
I agree with the Uncreator - I also met MAB last year around this time at a guitar fest in Bucharest and he was a really nice guy to talk to, as well as Andy Timmons and Brett Grased whom I had the honor of meeting with at the same occasion.
He is amazing!! The first time I saw him was on the Mark Tremonti Sound and the Story Instruction DVD and he just blew me away. Listened to a lot of his stuff since and he is mind blowing. This is a video of a song he plays on the DVD

The DVD is insane... I love Mark and MAB does a lesson on it along with Rusty Cooley a few others. I have yet to be able to play anything on the DVD but I love watching and listening in awe of what these guys can do... although I do think he misses a note in that video cool.gif biggrin.gif tongue.gif

Todd Simpson
He is not everyone's cup of tea but I"ve always enjoyed his playing for it's showmanship if for nothing else. He is a very impressive player honestly and I never did get why some guys bag on him. He isn't Eric Clapton, but he isn't trying to be. I've got a pretty eclectic taste in music so I can appreciate just about any player who has a mastery of his/her instrument and this guy is obviously a master of his.

Ivan Milenkovic
He's an interesting guy, from what I've seen on the Internet. He's also a virtuoso, really technically advanced player, gotta have respect for the amount of work he put into his playing. Just amount of work put into it is worthy of respect.
MAB is a jaw dropping guitarist, his speed and talent is undeniable smile.gif
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