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Full Version: Future Is Now - Kris, Lian, Luciana & Gabe
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Kristofer Dahl
I am very proud to present this collab video! We have been working on it since last year (hence the Swedish snow)

The message should be clear: Get collabing NOW! =)

PS Did you notice how strong Lian's voice has become - his clean singing is now as impressive as his growling. I am really inspired by this!
Awesome song and great promo! Loved it!! cool.gif Lian's clean voice reminded me a bit of Bruce Dickinson...
Wow! Great job guys smile.gif Added this one to GMC Radio btw smile.gif

Ben Higgins
This rocks BIG TIME, Guys !! Great composition, playing and singing from all involved... the video editing is excellent too ! biggrin.gif
Lian Gerbino
finally is up!!! smile.gif this was awesome! thanks to Gabe, Luli and Kris for all the great work!
Ivan Milenkovic
I must say you guys made something awesome here, really well done! smile.gif
Todd Simpson
A truly killer Collab! Very inspiring Stuff. smile.gif Is Luciana new? I haven't seen her around. Is she by chance related in any way to "The" Andres Segovia?
Lian Gerbino
Luciana is an old singer instructor Todd, but her work is a bit less demanded I dunno why... oh, I know: 'cause we are all guitar players!!! LOL!
Gabriel Leopardi
It has been awesome to be part of this great collab with these talented musicians & friends!!! biggrin.gif

and yes, Lian's voice gets better & getter with pass of the time! like the good wine! laugh.gif
Chris Evans
fantastic, totally, brilliant, great production, everything!!! cool.gif
Amazing collab! Can't get enough of listening to it smile.gif Lian's clean voice sounds so epic here \m/
P.S. Is it the strat in Kris's hands? Yeah, I knew you didn't break it! laugh.gif
Luciana, Lian & Gabe? Killer combination, Add Kris to the mix, mind blowing wink.gif
I didn't expect Lian not growling haha, amazing job guys, nice solos.
Bogdan Radovic
Awesome video guys!!! I love the energy! smile.gif
Lian Gerbino
thanks for the comments smile.gif Kris' faces are the best add to this collab. XD
Daniel Realpe
excellent collab!! and the playing is scary, which is good!
Nice video... I love all the video made by the Argentinian instructor... Adding Kris to this collab was a really great idea.

You all did a really nice job with this video.
Gabriel Leopardi
Thanks everybody for the comments!!
Todd Simpson
Just keep listening to this and keeps getting better. I"m in to Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, etc. so this is right up my alley smile.gif I think they should put out an entire album. Soon!

Gabriel Leopardi
Maybe if we continue doing this clips we could release a full album! These are the previous songs if yo've missed them. biggrin.gif

Lian Gerbino
the problem comes when we have to decide who plays the solo! XD
Gabriel Leopardi
QUOTE (Lian Gerbino @ Apr 27 2011, 05:38 PM) *
the problem comes when we have to decide who plays the solo! XD

hahah 3 instrumental tracks would be the way to go! tongue.gif
Lian Gerbino
Hmmm, the video is now disabled to be embedded!
Kristofer Dahl
WOW thanks for all the awesome comments! biggrin.gif

QUOTE (Fran @ Apr 28 2011, 11:26 AM) *
Hmmm, the video is now disabled to be embedded!

Thanks for spotting, don't know what happened - but it should be fixed now!
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