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Hello all,

I just did this an hour or so ago, I just tossed it together so I know there is tons of errors, but thats what I want. So you can help guide me in what techniques need to be worked on so I can gain some knowledge and insight on where to go to get better. I can say from watching it a few times mainly my "alt picking / vibrato" needs it but is there any lessons in particular that would help me more so than others or just work up on the basics slowly and things will start to fall in place?

Thanks for all the advice in advanced.

- Travis S.
dark dude
A simple exercise would help, whereby you play the note you're starting from, play the note you're bending to, then execute the bend, trying to get it to hit that same note. Your ear will warm to this and it'll improve the take a lot.

As for your alternate picking, I thought it was decent! Focus on moving your fingers away from the fretboard less and less, though. Practice this slowly, making a conscious effort to stop them lifting as high before the lift is made.

Lastly, try to play a bit more relaxed, it may just be me, but you look tense. This'll lead to injury and you can't play fast (if you desire to) when tense.

Keep us updated, man smile.gif
Bending and vibrato need most work.

You should make a difference between two ways your left hand can be positioned. The classic way (google it for pictures) for fast legato and a more robuste way for big bends.

check this out

See how the position of his hands changes?

You should play 'slash' style for the bends and good vibrato, and then get back to a moore classical approach for the faster AP and legato wink.gif
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