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Full Version: Seven C Major Chords
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Ivan -- in another post on blues soling and arpeggios, you mentioned the "seven C major chords." What are they? Thanks. Tim
Ivan Milenkovic
Hey Tim. Good question! smile.gif

Well, the phrase "7 C major chords" refers to 7 chords of the C major scale smile.gif

How is that?

In simple words, C major scale is this:

C - D - E = F - G - A - B = C

This scale as you can see has 7 notes.

If you want to build a chord out of this scale, it's built by taking 1st, 3rd and 5th note out of the scale.

In the case of C major scale, those notes are C E and G. This chord (CEG) is know as C major chord.

Now, if you create D dorian mode out of C major scale, simply by starting from D and finishing on D:

D - E = F - G - A - B = C - D

Now you have built completely different scale using the same notes. The scale is different because the spaces between the notes change place.

Now, let's create a chord out of this scale (mode). 1st note is D, 3rd note is F, and 5th note is A. These three notes played simultaneously create Dm chord.

You can repeat this procedure for every note of the C major scale.

So, C major scale has 7 notes, starting from each note you create 7 scales, and each scale builds a chord, which creates 7 chords! smile.gif

Got it! Thanks, Ivan. Very helpful. Of course, then this should be done with every key -- or at least the most common ones for guitar.
Ivan Milenkovic
Of course! smile.gif

There are 12 keys in diatonic theory, although you can start with C major, G major, and F major for example, these 3 are in common use! smile.gif

If you're interesting in table of these keys, I created one some time ago, check it out:
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