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Full Version: The Led Zep Groove Lesson Guitar Tone
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Hi Adrian,

I have a few questions regarding the lesson in the title. I am trying to get a guitar tone close to yours using Amplitube 3 so:

1) Did you use Amplitube for this ?
If so then can you please tell me what settings did you have if you remember.
If not that please tell me what did u used so I know what I have to try to emulate.

I used the Marshall amps from Amplitube but I cannot get a bright tone like yours.

2) What pickup position were you using. From the vid and from the sound it looks like a "between" position, somehow like a single coil but I am not sure...

I pretty much got the groove of the lesson but I also want a close tone smile.gif

Adrian Figallo
hey man my board has been reactivated and i just see this thread, i'm sorry for the long delay.
for that lesson i used guitar rig 4 running a hot plexi on the left and a jcm800 on the right, i was using the bridge full humbucker, it's a pretty low output sparkly humbucker called "the mule" from bareknuckle.

you should be able to get it as bright, but you may need to hit the strings pretty hard wink.gif

No problem for the delay. I will try this smile.gif
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