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Full Version: Pretty Lights - Finally Moving (cover)
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Hi guys, I was wondering if you could give some feedback on this video. I just learned this cool little riff today and although its not from a lesson on this site, sorry if this is the wrong place for it!

Ivan Milenkovic
This is REC board, this should be in uploads board.

This sounds very cool, I like the snapping effect of the riff being played, it's good to use fingers on that one, nice sound. What I suggest tho is that you lower down the bass, as bass strings are a bit boomy in the recording.

As far as soloing goes, it's all good, although spending some time analyzing the strong notes of the riff, and using those notes for beginning and ending of the phrases is what could lead to more quality-sounding solo.
Daniel Realpe
I love the headstock in your guitar!

The thrills is the first thing that should focus on. Isolate this and only practice this for some time, then come back to this riff and you'll see it will be 100% accurate....but timing is great imo, and that's the most important!

the distorted tone could be better, and also make sure you mute the strings you are not playing, so only let ring the one string you play when doing this type of soloing

I like it smile.gif Also added to GMC Radio smile.gif

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