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Full Version: Producing This Staccato Like/ Killswitch Effect
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The Uncreator

You'll know what I am talking about, it starts at about 00:26 and then again at around 02:12- Was wondering if anyone knew a good way to reproduce this repetitious effect? I know a killswitch might be able to do it but I lack one.

Any ideas? I've tried messing around with echo's, delays, everything and cant get anything satisfactory.
Live - Play it, and use a noise pedal to quickly kill the noise in between, so it sounds clean.
When recording, you can just edit the audio.
This is a studio-effect. Cut off the pick-noise, and move the remaining bit and cut it to work.

Well, that's my guess anyhow smile.gif
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If you have a guitar with two different volume knobs for the different pickups, you could just turn one off and toggle between the pickups with the selector switch.
for doing something to get by live ,pick with fingers and quickly mute, repeat-no delay
It sounds like a studio effect where the splice periods of silence from the waveform. You could use a tremelo effect with the rate turned way up and with the waveform set to square wave.
Ivan Milenkovic
I'm not sure about the interval being played, but the effect alone is not that hard to produce, just play staccato. Using a gate might help, or if you don't want to bother playing it, you can use an oscillator/filter/chopper, e.g. Boss Slicer.
Cosmin Lupu
I agree with Ivan - the simplest way, if of course you have it at hand, is to use a Slicer effect (most Boss GT processors have it) - it can be programmed to emulate different styles of wave forms and patterns and it's going to sound just like a killswitch.

I have a friend that has a custom made Ran guitar that looks (and sounds) just like a PRS. He designed it with an included killswitch, so it's very fun to play on biggrin.gif
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