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Full Version: Moleman - Metal For Beginners
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Lesson :
Metal for beginners - Lian Gerbino

Gear :
Schecter Hellraiser CR
Pod X3 live
Reaper / Sony Vegas

As is it my first rec, I would appreciate any comments on the quality and positioning etc of the video, and also my picking hand position.

Please be harsh! I want to improve smile.gif

Ben Higgins
Hey Moleman.. your rhythm playing is really great. You do need to work on palm muting though.. because this lesson is called Metal for Beginners, and palm muting is such a huge part of metal and a feature of Lian's lesson, I've had to give you a lower score.

Try experimenting with adding more pressure with the side of your hand (the shuto part, knife hand... it says you're from Tokyo so I'm hoping you know what I mean ! smile.gif )

Using the side of our hand to rest onto the strings whilst playing gives us that 'chug, chug' sound...

Also, another thing that may help you with rhthym playing is this; you don't need to keep your little finger touching the body when playing riffs. If you normally keep your finger touching the body that's fine.. it's cool for alternate picking and smaller techniques.. but when you rock out and play things which require bigger movements, it's ok to lift your finger off and move your whole hand. It adds to the attitude and feel.. it won't hurt your alternate picking technique either. smile.gif
Cosmin Lupu
Tight rhythm playing mate!! I like it very much biggrin.gif it has a loose feel thoug which is very much too my liking, but as Ben said, you should try to be more exact with the palm muting - explore and find that place near the bridge which gives the chug-chug and also allows notes to ring when needed! Congratz once more!
Gabriel Leopardi
hey man! It's a very good take! I agree with the previous comments and I would add that you could play with more strength from your right hand. You have to punish your Axe in metal! smile.gif
7.6 on this one..pass!
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