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Full Version: Do You Use Any Video Accessories?
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Ivan Milenkovic
We can create much more interesting footage if we use some difusors, or backgrounds. Do you use any of these equipment? smile.gif

My setup is pretty simple, involving only one giant bluescreen backdrop for chroma key, and two tripods. Difusors are next in line, becasue they give more softer light, but with that, I need one more light at least.. biggrin.gif
Adrian Figallo
i would love to buy a couple of nice softboxes to start with, currently i'm using construction lights being diffused by a white wall, and its not the best you can have.
Daniel Realpe
Mine is pretty simple too, two lights a white background and the camera, that's it. I think I'll get the green screen at some point to change backgrounds!
Sinisa Cekic
I have plan to do a video/audio room for all the equipment! In the first place for a great lighting! So far, only a few reflectors and room light!
Todd Simpson
I'm actually shooting in to my mixing/tracking position so no backdrop. I did add a LED light box recently. It's an on camera unit so it's quite small. It uses slide in diffusion and gels which is handy. It generates almost Zero heat and I've started using it as my key light.
Ivan Milenkovic
I think we can all agree that separate video room would be best solution (and if you can connect it with your audio room, or better yet make a studio room for everything.. ) biggrin.gif
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