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Full Version: What Camera Do You Use?
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Hey Coz. smile.gif

I notice the quality of your video is great! Is it 1080 or 720 HD? I want to get an HD 1080p (maybe even 60 fps) camcorder, but was just curious as to what you use. wink.gif

Cosmin Lupu
QUOTE (thefireball @ Dec 17 2011, 05:14 AM) *
Hey Coz. smile.gif

I notice the quality of your video is great! Is it 1080 or 720 HD? I want to get an HD 1080p (maybe even 60 fps) camcorder, but was just curious as to what you use. wink.gif


Hey Brandon!

I have been using two cams:

- Nikon D3S which belongs to a good friend helping me out with my videos

Nikon D3S

- Nikon D3100 which I bought in October

Nikon D3100

The D3100 is clearly on a lower level than the D3S, but the price difference is also notable smile.gif plus, my friend is a pro-photographer.

The D3100 can provide the right quality for shooting (you have a maximum of 10 minutes of shooting with 1,920 x 1080 - Full HD)

Are you planning on buying one yourself? smile.gif

Just brought Sony A65 DSLR - I checked out Nikon and Canons and I think the Sony is really kicking butt especially with video although I personally havn't done any video yet stay tuned. Can do 1080 60i at 30fps and 29 min film time

Ivan Milenkovic
I had the pleasure of using D3100 for 10-15 lessons, with 3 different lenses, and it's awesome machine to have for both photographs and video. The only problem is video monitoring and video limit, so you need a person who will operate the cam (or risk to create big mistakes).

Also, had the pleasure of using D3 recently for some photos. That machine is intimidating! smile.gif
Yeah, guys. This is why I want to get a camcorder with a flip screen. I do tutorials and it would be perfect. Actually perfect for any guitar video, really. In the meantime, if I am close enough to the camera where I am sitting, I just use a CD I don't care about to see what the camera sees. biggrin.gif Hey, it's works well enough, but I'm ready to move up.

I was thinking of getting a bundle at, but I think I'll just go for a straight camera, and see how high the GB of the card it will read. Hopefully the one I end up wanting will be a 16GB compatible camera. I don't know yet. What do I look for concerning the auto-focus feature? Is it labeled 'auto focus' or image 'stabilization'? I'm speaking of when the camera is constantly focusing ...really annoying. Perhaps there's a camera out there that has the option to turn that off or on? I just don't want to be doing a video and the thing go in and out of focus on me. You instructors don't have the problem it seems. I never see it anyway. Tell me more about this?

Here's a few 1080p cameras I am comparing:
DXG Pro Gear
JVC Everio
This Sony Handycam is intriguing even though it's priced high. I'm just not sure what to get.

I must get some more RAM for my computer though before this. I have 4GB and I want to go to 8GB. This will help my Sony Vegas editing. It lags even on Preview mode. Draft sometimes fouls up too.

Here's a guide to camera shopping I am looking over. I follow this guy on YouTube.
Sinisa Cekic
I'm not quite sure, but I think that you will not find low budgetary camcorder with an "turn of focus" option ..! The purpose of the camcorder is - point and shoot, without any special adjustment of focus, he does everything automatic.

Of the three cameras that you named,Sony is a serious choice only smile.gif !

More RAM memory is good thinking, but also a powerful processor for HD rendering !
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