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Full Version: Thefireball: A Funny Thing Happened At Wallmart Today
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We all know the strange types of folks that shop in Wallmart in the US. We need some stories Fireball!!!!!
Gabriel Leopardi
hahaha let's see what Fireball says... tongue.gif
laugh.gif I didn't know you guys cared about that. tongue.gif I'll pull something from my blog archive.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

When I was at work this afternoon, I went outside with a buggy (cuz I work at Walmart) to fetch some ice from the machine for the smaller one inside. I loaded up the buggy and unloaded it inside. I needed some more ice. I loaded up a few more bags in the buggy and figured I was about done. I'll get a few more, I said to myself. You only need one more, a "voice" said in my head. I thought, Nah, I'll just get three more and it should be enough. I pushed the buggy back inside and continued loading the ice machine. As I was nearing the end of my load, and the machine reaching its limit, I thought, If this works out like I think it's gonna, then...that'll be too weird. Guess what? I had two too many!! (Implying the "voice" was right!!)

Why don't I listen??!


EDIT: You can follow my blog - and I'll guess I'll be putting up more funny stories.
Ivan Milenkovic
Happened to me today that I put three of veggies packs into someone else's cart laugh.gif
QUOTE (Ivan Milenkovic @ Jan 9 2012, 11:03 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Happened to me today that I put three of veggies packs into someone else's cart laugh.gif

Oops! biggrin.gif smile.gif
QUOTE (Ivan Milenkovic @ Jan 9 2012, 09:03 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Happened to me today that I put three of veggies packs into someone else's cart laugh.gif

haha. I was at Home Depot and was kind of buggin cuz I had a bad cold. I turned around and pushed what I thought was my cart to the other side of the store looking for something else. About 20 mins later I went by the same aisle and this guy was talking to the store attendant "I don't know - I turned around and my cart was gone". Turns out I grabbed this poor duded cart by accident - didn't even notice. He was pretty upset - I apologized, but the guy couldn't believe what I did was an accident... what do you say to something you did was a completely brainless act and they don't believe what you did was a sincere accident? So I put my middle finger in his face and said "sorry", take it or leave it, here's your crap, turned and walked out. LOL. That was awkward, but there's my "bad thing that happened at "Home Depot" that day story biggrin.gif

Funny thing happened at work today (prank call)

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