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Full Version: (pass, 8.5) Poor Man Blues Solo
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Original lesson: Poor Man Blues Solo by Ivan Milenkovic

I'll have to get my picking hand in the video next time!

Sinisa Cekic
"This video is private" ?!!
Ivan Milenkovic
Well done mate, you certainly have a good tone and put a good amount of feeling into this one. I think it's great, but you should be careful about playing it like in the original, it's important to do this. I understand some variations, but you missed out/changed a whole section towards the end. Your vibrato on the bass strings is great, but you need to work a bit more on the bended vibrato on the treble strings (and more work on the treble strings higher up the neck in general). Keep rocking, you got the feel! smile.gif
Alex Feather
Sounds pretty good! You have changed it up a little bit... But I like your touch and it looks like you really feeling it which is really good! The only comment I can make is that you need to work on your dynamic more and try to start very smooth and build it up towards the end!
Gabriel Leopardi
Good take man! The overall is really good but I'll mark some details that I think you could improve. At first I have the feeling that it's time to give more groove to your playing (at least in this take), you played every note in time but when you compare the take with Ivan's you will feel that there is something regarding the feel of the groove that is still missed. Your vibrato technique is very good. Some bends are a bit out of pitch, and there are some fast legatos over pentatonic that could sound a bit better. By the way you did a good job mate!
keep on working! smile.gif
Sinisa Cekic
Very nice take! I like the sound and dynamics. Vibrato points are very good,but something in a bending missing,lack oconcentration..
You made some variations on the theme, and that's good to show creativity, but not in this case. Try to represent your playing identical to the original. Keep a good work man wink.gif !
Cosmin Lupu
I like your take and, yes, I thin kthe guys touched every important aspect. Nevertheless, you have a very nice touch there! Keep rocking, friend!
8.5, pass!
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