It's time for assignment 3 of this course, and today we will be covering last two positions of the CAGED system.

- Check out the guitar pro file, and tabs bellow for assignment 3 exercises (ex. 1 & 2 for first position and ex. 3 & 4 for second position)
- Play/download backing tracks for play-along practicing (use free AIMP player if you want to speed up/slow down these tracks easily)
- Record these examples, so I can review them and give you feedback
- Before recording, keep couple of things in mind:

- make sure you always start to play the chord with the root note (as on tab) - it's good for connecting to a scale, and beneficial for ear training
- If you find some chord change difficult, try to calm down, and do it in slow motion (like in a movie) to take full control of your finger's movements, then increase speed gradually
- always isolate problematic parts and work on them first, on very slow tempos
- don't bother to chase speed! After you can do all the changes equally well on a certain tempo (no matter what tempo it is) then it's time to record!

You can find backing tracks here:
Exercise 1 & 2: 50bpm
Exercise 1 & 2: 100bpm
Exercise 3 & 4: 50bpm
Exercise 3 & 4: 100bpm