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Full Version: (7.6, Pass) Blues Soloing - Beginner
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Original lesson: Blues Soloing - Beginner by Ivan Milenkovic

I'm trying my best !

Cosmin Lupu
QUOTE (waggers @ Mar 22 2012, 08:17 PM) *
Original lesson: Blues Soloing - Beginner by Ivan Milenkovic

I'm trying my best !

Hey Andy! smile.gif Congrats on a good effort man - the take is shaping up pretty nicely and it can get a lot better if you will focus on the following aspects:

- the bends are a bit under the tone
- there are some small timing slips (for example the phrase around 0.23 where you rushed things a bit)

Try playing it slower while focusing on the things above, then gradually speed it up by keeping everything under control smile.gif

I'm sure it can be great! Let's exchange some ideas in your thread wink.gif

Stephane Lucarelli
Nice one!
I wanted to add one thing : pay attention to your left hand vibrato, some notes are a little bit out of tune.
Just slow down things to keep the control.
Piotr Kaczor
I agree with Cosmin and Stephane. Try to play in very, very slow tempo. It can be harder than playing in normal tempo, but it really works. Otherwise I like your tone and bends.

Regards /piotr
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi man! I agree with Cosmin and Stephane about your bends and timing, and also about your vibrato. By the way, as you are a beginner I think that you are on the right track with this one. Just concentrate on those things now and you will improve your playing a lot. Timing in blues is difficult because there are many different note values in one lick so don't worry, just keep on working hard! wink.gif
Alex Feather
You did a very good job! I see a huge improvement since I heard you last time!
You still can work on your timing using a metronome and practicing at a slow tempo!
When you were playing a fast lick it sounded off so you can concentrate on this lick and really master it!
Your tone improved a lot as well and I am happy to see your progress!
Sinisa Cekic
Nice ! But at first, the guitar sounds out of tune on some strings.You still have not total band control , so tones do not sounds concrete. Phrases are accurate, but are not connected, as you have a problem with changing the position and with overall string control. Can't see clearly , but action of the strings is a bit higher than it should be ?
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