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Full Version: New Pick Up Day
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Seeing as the guitar they are going into is nearly 30 years old I ordered the aged coils so it looked right

I installed them last night before I went to bed, today I will get the pickup heights dialled in.
Nice! Hope you like them! Samples?
I'll try and record a few samples today once I have them dialled in.
QUOTE (PosterBoy @ Apr 3 2012, 05:10 AM) *
I'll try and record a few samples today once I have them dialled in.

Sounds like a plan. smile.gif
I promise to get sound clips up.

But OMG these pickups rock. They are classed as a Vintage Hot pickup, with a tight bottom end and that they keep the definition of the notes in a high gain setting.

Just what I wanted for some punky rock stuff.

With a clean sound they keep the highs nice and the neck pickup doesn't get muddy and still has some chime and jangle.

I'll use it at church tonight and give it a really good workout
Ben Higgins
Those look great !! smile.gif

Now tell us, did you really buy them because they're called Emerald and you live in Ireland ? It's ok, we understand wink.gif
Actually I was thinking about going for the Suhr Aldrich pickups as I'd heard some great clips, but also the BK Rebel Yells again I'd heard great clips.

I knew what the faiilings of the current pickups were, very loose bass and quite muddy.

So I emailed Bare Knuckle and asked what would be good for a Rise Against, Story of the year Style guitar, but that also had some jangle and chime when clean. They were the ones that suggested the Emeralds which weren't as high gain as I was looking at myself. I had the wisdom to go with the experts and they weren't wrong!
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