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Full Version: (8, Pass) Status Quo Style
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Original lesson: Status Quo Style by Sinisa Cekic

Dear Instructors I have been practising this lesson for few days. Need your feedback now to improve, please. Thanks in advance Carmine

Sinisa Cekic
Nice ! Now is much clearer about where the problem is. Follow me to my instructor board - your topic related to this lesson !
Ben Higgins
Hi Carmine, nice to see a take of the Quo lesson. Changing between chords is probably the main issue here, as you probably feel like you have to mentally calculate where your hand is going next and this can slow you down. This stuff gets better over time only by doing it but it's also easier to move between chords when you're more confident with a piece, especially if you've spent more time with it. smile.gif
Alex Feather
I see a very big improvement in your playing! You did a very good job!
Timing and sound were good!
The only problem is when you are changing chords it seems like you need a minute to think smile.gif
I will create a new assignment for you that will help you with this issue very fast!
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Carmine, your timing is this one is good but comparing with the original take I can note a difference in the groove. Sinisa is altering between one string with palm muting and the whole power chord played with a down stroke. Try to incorporate that groove and add some drive to get a closer tone.
Alex Feather
Good take! Nice sound and timing! You are getting better everyday!
The main problem is when you are changing chords! It will take some practice but once you will get it you will keep it forever! smile.gif
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