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Full Version: (7.8, Pass) Ben's Land Of Legato
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Original lesson: Ben's Land Of Legato by Ben Higgins

It's been a long time since I've submitted a REC take. I've been working a lot on legato these last few weeks with Sensei Ben. I know there is a lot to improve, but I'm working on it. Cheers.

Sinisa Cekic
Nice shot ! I have objection on hammeron and pull offs technique- each tone should be heard equally. You should be doing on the dynamics. On a few spots you staying without juice smile.gif . Just try to practice slowly and very soon this will be an excellent shot !!!
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate! You did a good take. It need some little adjust to be a perfect take but you are very close. You have to improve two things. The first one is your timing, it's not bad but it should be even tighter. The second thing is the sound of each note, you are getting different intensities and you should get the same volume for each note. As I said, with some little improvements you will have a flawless take. wink.gif
Cosmin Lupu
Hey man, congrats on your take! As the guys said, timing and dynamics should be improved in order for you to reach the perfection zone wink.gif


Alex Feather
You did a very nice job! Your timing needs work! The reason why it's happening is because your left hand is not strong enough!
I have a few great exercises to help you develop your left hand! Just send me PM and I will help you out!
Your sound was pretty good and if we will fix your timing it will be 10!!!
Ben Higgins
Woo Hoo ! Nice to see a REC of this one. Sorry I'm a bit late on it..

The guys have already mentioned timing and getting a more even velocity with the notes. They're things that can be improved of course but I'm very happy with your progress. I've noticed that you only pick once for every 8 repetitions but I pick once for every 4, so that would make your life a bit easier if you picked it like me ! smile.gif

Your finger shifting is also good so you're definitely on the right path !
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