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Okay so when you're writing a solo or a melody on a scale, do you think about time values at all? Or you just make the solo/melody in your mind and try to fit it into your progression with a suitable time value. Right now I'm trying to improvise on a scale but when I play it,I dont know how to fit it or write i down with correct form especially with the correct time values. How do we successfully get this over with the music in our mind vs writing it down. I guess I got a problem with this: I know the time values but when they all get together, I cant write them.
Does this help?

QUOTE (PosterBoy @ May 1 2012, 06:44 PM) *
Does this help?

these are gold info man thanks a lot. Paul is awesome and I can see that he is down to earth as well. He is a legendary man
The Uncreator
I wouldn't even think about it, play it in your head first. Like Steve Vai says, imagine yourself playing it perfectly, flawlessly - Then do it. Just play what feels right, dont concern yourself with such things as time values, those are merely descriptors for after the fact.
QUOTE (PosterBoy @ May 1 2012, 06:44 PM) *
Does this help?

Man, I'm kind of a noob on guitar right now, but I had no idea Paul Gilbert was that good! Wow, haha biggrin.gif Great videos
Cosmin Lupu
Paul's videos - especially the last one biggrin.gif with the humming and singing, are very good as an answer to your question. I haven't been working otherwise since 2008 or 2009 I think. I try to sing first and then transpose everything on the guitar smile.gif
Ben Higgins
I always recommend to think of the many different note values you can use when soloing but I also think it should be done in a way that is natural. You don't necessarily need to know that it's a quarter note etc, just feel the different pace changes smile.gif

I try to explain this concept in my lesson here

I agree with The Uncreator smile.gif
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