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Full Version: Awesome Lesson On Circle Of Fifths
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This lady sure has energy and charm! I wish she was my music teacher!
Really enjoyable, fun and educational video!

Even if you know the circle, it's really fun to watch this smile.gif
Yes she did write it "in reverse" to what it's usually written but it's a great lesson nevertheless smile.gif

The best moment is the ending, when she transposed the chord progression to a different key: "HA HA HA! First time I did that, I was so excited I thougt I just wrote a symphony" biggrin.gif

Edit: And here's another one on playing by ear vs. note playing smile.gif

She has a lot of lessons on that channel, on composing, creating intros/outros to a song, chords, chromatics, grace notes etc. etc...
Man I just sat here for about 45 minutes just watching these videos, they are great. She is an excellent teacher, and explains things in an easy to understand manner. I play piano as well as guitar and this kind of stuff is extremely helpful for both, now I gotta go fire up the keyboard and experiment with what she was teaching!

Thanks for sharing these! smile.gif
Awesome. Thanks for sharing. smile.gif
Glad you liked it as much as I did biggrin.gif I also spent a few hours watching all the other videos! She is magnificent! And the "Greg's jokes" videos are awesome as well xD
Thank you !

Got to watch her vids too tongue.gif
Cosmin Lupu
biggrin.gif the joke with the husband and the wife laugh.gif MAN, I thought that it was invented by the Romanian 'lautari' gipsy players having no clue on theory but being able to play like crazy using their ears and musical sense tongue.gif Nonetheless, thank you D-man! Awesome vids!
You know I was watching another one of these videos today, and she mentioned a saying she has in regards to practicing and learning to play any musical instrument: "Enjoy where you are at on the way to where you are going" Great advice! smile.gif
Gabriel Leopardi
Nice videos! I watched a bit the first one and I can say that she is a really good teacher! I will bookmark these ones and subscribe her channel.
Cosmin Lupu
I subscribed as well wink.gif
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