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Full Version: Whammy Bar Phrasing
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Original lesson: Whammy Bar Phrasing by Piotr Kaczor

Going out of my comfort zone a bit and learning some new stuff

Ben Higgins
Nice work Ize. I admire anyone who steps out of their comfort zone because it's only then that they reach a higher potential and I definitely think you can do that smile.gif

This is not an easy lesson, it requires so much control but you did a great job of this. There were a couple of note imperfections and some hesitant bits so it's with reluctance I give a 9 but it's so nearly top marks !!
Alex Feather
You did an amazing job! Some notes were wrong, but I like the feel of your take! It's not an easy lesson! 9 from me if you will play this one for a few more days it will sound perfect!
Cosmin Lupu
Hey Ize! I say start getting out of your comfort zone MORE OFTEN biggrin.gif you did A GREAT JOB and I think you can be very good at this. I will also grade a 9 just because I want you to put some more time in this direction and gain uber whammy bar skills smile.gif

Gabriel Leopardi
Good job Superize! As the other instructors said this is not an easy lesson and you still need to have more control of the pitches that you get when you are using the Whammy bar, but you are very close! Keep on working on this one. smile.gif
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