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Hey guys, my name is Aaron. I'm 22 and i've been playing guitar for nearly 5 years now. I've been here on guitarmasterclass in the past but life got in the way and i was never really able to stay signed up for very long.

Anyway, these days I find myself lacking motivation and inspiration to play, and i actually nearly considered changing to drums (as i love hitting them (lol) Anyway, I decided to join up again to try and reignite my passion for guitar. I think my problem stems from being stuck in a rut. it's like i've been on some big plateau for the past few years and because of this i think i've just gradually became frustrated with my lack of progress. Frustration is never good either because let's face it, guitar is supposed to be fun biggrin.gif so yeah looking forward to getting stuck into some lessons and hopefully make some much needed progress! biggrin.gif thanks for reading!
Max Sokolov
Welcome back, Aaron!
I hope, you'll find motivation, that will help you to make progress!

Sometimes I think about switching to drums too, as I love them so much smile.gif
But I have tons of guitar work, so I still only love hitting them biggrin.gif
Ben Higgins
Hi Aaron, good to meet you !

I think we can all say that we know how you're feeling as we all find ourselves there sometimes..

You are totally right about how guitar is supposed to be fun and that is how I drag myself back out of these slumps. I immediately drop all demands that I'm placing on myself (we put this pressure on our own shoulders) and kind of say to myself 'What do you enjoy playing ? What do you really want to sound like ?' and I'll narrow my focus instead of widening it. I'll concentrate on improving just one aspect of my playing, like phrasing.. but I'll do it in a loose, enjoyable way with no pressure rather than a regimented way.

However, some people work the other way around and thrive with a regime to follow.. so whichever way you work best, embrace it. If you can latch onto the idea of improving one thing, and do it in such a way so as you can see regular improvements (so start small) then you will start to feel excited again about getting better smile.gif
cheers guys:D
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Aaron! Welcome back to the guitar and GMC! I think that if you combine the use of GMC with a diary practice you will surely note your progress. Keeping motivated is something difficult but it's the key to keep going. There are many threads where we discuss about motivation here at the site because each person has its own way to get it.

Enjoy the site! wink.gif
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