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Full Version: What's Your Favourite Song To Play And Chill?
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Just a random question, maybe to introduce myself a little bit more
to what other people like to entertain themselves with the guitar.
Personally i really enjoy play once, maybe twice or more times
"Time Flies" by "Porcupine Tree"; even though i can't master those
mistakes i've been having for years hahah.
Oh well.

What about you guys?
Hello OruKhan.

Interesting you mention that band (Porcupine Tree), I had never heard of them until this week, and a couple of guys I'm going to start playing with love them, now I see your suggestion. Very interested now.

For me, to answer your question, the songs vary. I go through stages with bands that I get onto them and it's all I listen to. But I guess mostly I enjoy playing along with Tool. I love their heavy drum oriented rhythms.
Gabriel Leopardi
Nowadays I'm playing an chord melody version of Pet Cemetery by The Ramones that I arranged every time that I start playing on the acoustic guitar...
The Professor
For some reason I always jam on a blues. Just love the form so if I grab a guitar and are just chilling I usually jam on a blues.
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