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Full Version: What Scale Is This?
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Glad you're here, Prof. smile.gif

I'm wondering what scale I am using to play this? I want to tell a guitar soloist what scale to focus on in my song. He is playing as a guest, hopefully.

Sinisa Cekic
Phrygian dominant mode ( D in this case )
The Professor
yeah, the notes on the recording are D Eb F# G A Bb

So if you add in a C on top you get the 5th mode of G Harmonic Minor

D Eb F# G A Bb C D

Or, G Harmonic Minor starting on D.

This scale is most often used over a 7th chord in order to get a b9 and b13 sound, the Eb and Bb notes in this key.

Try putting on a D7 chord vamp and soloing over it with this scale, resolving the Eb to the D and the Bb to the A after you have created tension with the b9 and b13.

Fun scale!
My people ( biggrin.gif I'm Jewish) call it D 'Freygish' coming from Phrygian.
Like Sinisa, I call it Phrygian Dominant or Phrygian natural 3 (or phryg major).
And like Matt says it's easy to remember it as a mode of the common harmonic minor scale (5th mode in this case)

Very common in Klezmer music.
They even write it with a compound key signature: Bb, Eb and F#
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*in Klezmer music, the 6th degree (Bb in this case) is sometimes a B natural if it is melodically approached and departed from above.

Awesome over 'static' dominant chords, sus chords or even root-5th-root power chord jams.
Good info! biggrin.gif

Thanks guys!
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