Hi everyone! Not pretty shure if this is the right place in the forum but...

Sometimes I sit with my mixes and wonder what are Your reference songs for setting up the studio monitors or just comparing while mixing Your own stuff.

I don't know how about You but i still have this..."no satisfied" feeling while i try to make my records sounding good on different home audio gear. I work on Adams A7, Yamaha NS30M, Creative 2+1 set (very boomy), Logitech laptop little speakers, Sennheiser Hd280 pro headphones and philips cheap headphones.

I always have problems to balance bass freq to match something between those boomy 2+1 or home cinema speakers and classic hi-fi like those NS30 M. Though some of the recordings sounds within tolerance range on those mega boomy creatives. What i mean...there is still to much bass out of the speakers but it's enough tight to let it be like that. Got to mention I do use multiband compression. I also wonder how many of You do the cut at 100-130 db or 80 dB considering those two as mostly common "boomy" freq in many listeners rooms.