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Full Version: Ben's Land Of Legato
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Original lesson: Ben's Land Of Legato by Ben Higgins

I'm new to the site! Not quite sure how this works, but I figured this method of posting takes would be a great way to improve. I'm planning to work my way through the Land of Legato video series per the suggestion of another forum member.

Cosmin Lupu
Hello Dioxic! Welcome to the REC zone! Fine choice and right thoughts wink.gif

Mate, I would have the following observations:

- You followed through the parts without hesitation - this is a plus, because it shows that you have worked on the lesson!
- You should work on timing when shifting between the shapes because you tend to lose it a little
- Dynamics - each note needs to have the same amount of attack - as a general observation, the note that receives the pick impulse is loud while the rest are weaker.
- The tone should have a little bit more gain, although if you practice like this and you are able to focus and fix all of the above points, having the same tone you have used, you will develop a hell of a left hand touch!

Keep practicing and show us your next take!

Darius Wave
As for the notes that were missed I think there is no need to comment - You now for sure where are are the flaws. As for the legato - it needs much of fingers strenght. Good legato is not easy...but You're on a good way to master it. Try to play it harder with you left hand ...cause as You probably hear...many of the notes are too weak. Legato between 3rd and pinky fingers is especially hard to make with hard punch. Anyway...You did Your homerwork in most part. Have a nice time practising smile.gif
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi man! Welcome to GMC! It's great to find a rec take from you! You already received very good feedback by Cosmin and Darius. You still have to wotk on the pattern to get a good sound of each note. I would like to share with you some exercises that will help you to gain more fingers strength:
Warming up & Endurance

Work on those exercises and keep on practicing this lesson! Also feel free to contact us if you need some help.
Keep at it, 5.7
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