What Are Symmetrical Scales

When learning how to play guitar, many of us explore the Pentatonic and Major Scale Systems, as well as other asymmetrical scales and modes. But, you can also expand you soloing chops by checking out Symmetrical Scales in your practice routine.

Symmetrical Scales are those that divide the octave equally and/or use one interval completely to build the entire scale.

Examples of this are the Whole Tone Scale, which is built completely from whole-step intervals. Or, the Augmented Scale, which is build from combining two augmented triads a minor third interval apart.

Check out the lessons below to learn how to play and build these interesting and important scales for guitar.

Symmetrical Scale Lessons

Whole Tone Scales for Guitar

What Are Whole Half Diminished Scales

What Are Half Whole Diminished Scales

What Are Tritone Scales

What Are Augmented Scales

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