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Full Version: Sum 41 Style
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Original lesson: Sum 41 Style by Gabriel Leopardi

Okay... I just figured out I messed up the second and the fourth power chords... Oups tongue.gif

Thank you guys for your replies! I took your advice in consideration and redid a take. It is still not perfect but I think it's better. Thank you for letting me know. You might not think so, but your replies are helping a lot! I would like to focus on my "basics" before trying to get my guitar playing to the next level because it had been a really long time since I last practiced guitar.

Cosmin Lupu
Hello and welcome to the REC Zone!

Mate, it is very good that you broke the ice and you started posting vids here - your progress will soon start moving forward. Here are my thoughts on this:

- You need to slow down the piece and work on your left right coordination and picking technique - at this point it is blurry and undefined 00:00 - 00:13
- Timing is an issue starting with 00:13 until 00:22

My suggestion is to slow the piece down until you can play every note perfectly and with good definition and then gradually raise the tempo until you reach the original one.

Keep rocking!

Darius Wave
Very nice take mate! smile.gif You already know what's wrong with the chords smile.gif Unfortunately there are some timming problems - especially in the first half - focus to synchronize the accents with the drum beats - 0:12 to 0:22. Those parts with fast picking sounds more like tremolo picking than the precise rhythm values. Try to work on that - we need more precision in there smile.gif Nice tone and thanx for taking the good care with the tuning smile.gif
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate, I am a bit lost about what video grade here. Have you added the second video after Cosmin and Darius graded your first video? In that case you should start a new REC thread for the new take.

Regarding your playing in the second video: I think that you already learnt the whole thing perfectly now it's time to adjust your timing and sound in the palm muted riffs. I'm talking about the introduction an also the last two riffs. Work on this sections slower until you can make them sound tight. The verse and chorus are better but there is still room to make it sound tighter.
Cosmin Lupu
Hey man smile.gif Please follow Gabe's suggestion and start a new REC thread for this second video and we will be happy to grade and offer our thoughts, so that you may advance in your guitar playing quest wink.gif

Gabriel Leopardi
Thanks Cosmin for clarifying. I just graded the first take, but remember that the comments is for the second one.
Almost there, 6
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