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Darius Wave
Hi Jouve. Let's start from what do You listen to everyday. Name Your favourite songs and bands. Let's try to define the direction You would like to follow smile.gif
Heh, like the thread name! wink.gif

I like listening to some oldschool rock bands such as Deep Purple, Whitesnake etc.

Some alternative bands

Instrumental rock

You know, that usual stuff wink.gif
Let's try something energetic and simple.
Just did a few bars on a spot. Does it have any potential? wink.gif
Darius Wave
Those are veery good inspirations! Now...can You share some of Your work You already did so we can try to improve it ?smile.gif
Eh, that's bad cause i don't have much projects on hdd left but here's some metal idea i've posted on forum before(would be hard to recover wink.gif)
And that's some punky riffing.
Darius Wave
Your basic concepts according to the styles You tried are good. It could nice game or movie sountrack but none of those goes the way close to the inspirations You've posted.

What I can suggest is to try building song focusing on the very short parts and polishing them as long as necessary. Once again the rule "too much at the same time won't work" is visible.

I suppose that we both have similar starting point. You have one rifff and You try to make a song from it. The problem is that when trying to think about riffs You'll probably make a "one chord" song in wich all the riffs could be independent songs. Now...try to think of the case from the different point of view. Try to make 2 or 3 parts just by finding some cool melody or chords and then build rioffs over it. It will ad more musicial flavour to the power of distorted guitars.
You know sad.gif
Everything you say is true. I have riff thinking habbits. Even when it comes to writing melodies it's quite hard to go a further than playing what in my hands.
So ok, I'll try so build something up.
Darius Wave
That's nothing new and nothingbad at all...but while composig we need to bet on our imagination. If we take a guitar then all our fingers habits can affect our point of view. Also compositions is like a flower - it needs some time to grow.

I have and idea.

Let's think about some basicconcepts like intro, verse, chorus, solo sections

One of the most important is how we build emotions and tension. Even in the heavy music it's still there but executed with a bit different tools - like moments of silence, break downs etc.

Leave only a few first bars from the first song You sent. Play it over and over. Listen. Don't touch the guitar. Wait for some ideassoming from You imagination...which is limitless...instead of current guitar skills (we all do have this issue).

Close Your eyes and try to imagine what would You like to hear after those few bars. Don't think about Your skills, fretboard knwlege etc.....just a pure music. Try to sing, use piano or other instruments....but not a guitar wink.gif Use sam handy audio recorded. Focus on melody and harmony. All other things can be added later
Hii Darius, sorry for not posting for a long time.
Yeah i've tried that thing, and all my results were the vatiations on an old version of that theme wink.gif Prepear your ears on this one - set the volume lower wink.gif
I think it's better to start with something which is meant to be less heavy and weird.
Here i've tried to apply your concept. I've strum a chord and recorded it, 've been getting into it for a time and then come up with melody on piano and then transfered it to the guitar. Still very soundtracky smile.gif
Darius Wave
Temporarly there is a problem with the second file. As for the first - if a malody does "glue" to Your mind it's nothing bad smile.gif It reminds me a bit of quake soundtrack smile.gif It has it's charm. We have to go to the basic thing that will destory even best composition ever - Tuning issues. Try to check Your guitar not only on the open strings but also on the frets. Try to use similar picking strength while tunin, as it would be while playing that particular riff. Let's try to fix the tuning deal? smile.gif
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