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Full Version: Schecter C-1 Exotic Star
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Tomy Jeon
It looks very, VERY good. It's shiny enough already.
Nice review, I'm thinking of having a Schecter as my next guitar tongue.gif
Ivan Milenkovic
Great review man, good job.

I'm looking forward to Mesa Express review as well smile.gif
great review thanx!

i was thinking of getting a schecter, too but somehow i never went for it.
i will test one and see what it feels and sounds like.

Bogdan Radovic
Thanks for a informative review about a really nice instrument !
I Like how this review was posted on July 4th 2007, and 1 Year, 1 month and 2 days later more replies start coming! lol
Danilo Capezzuto
Awesome instrument mate! I like the features and color. I think with a pair of "better" pickups this guitar seriously will rock your head!
Toni Suominen
Very, very nice looking guitar there mate. I've always loved Schecters. Can't wait for the Mesa review too! smile.gif
Heh thanks for the comments guys.. even if they are a few days overdue, its given me a chance to re-read this review and start think about re-writing it. There is alot more to say about this guitar once we get more indepth with the individual components and abilities brought to the table, i may even be able to shed light on a few weakness's after been playing it religiously for over a year now. it would also seem that after a year my mesa review never came so ill get writing that 1 smile.gif

Edit: Just kidding heres my mesa review for all of you that missed it smile.gif
I've got one of these too. I've got the one with the natural matt finish. I really like it, its got a thick flame maple cap and ebony fingerboard. The only let down is the pickups which are too mid-range for me. I am thinking of swapping them out with a set of Bare Kuckle Warpigs.
Very cool guitar!
Gabriel Leopardi
Nice guitar and excelent review! smile.gif Papa Roach guitar sound is awesome and they use Schecter.
Thnx Smikey! Nice review!!
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