Here is today's theory quick tip, designed to help you get that Bluesy vibe to your more modal approach to soloing over the blues.

"When playing mixolydian scales over a blues progression, mix in the b3 and #4 intervals to bring a bit of the blues sound into your modal playing. Check out any bluesy solo by Guthrie Govan for examples of how this approach sounds in context."

So, the next time you are using a mixolydian mode, 1-2-3-4-5-6-b7-1, to outline the chords of a blues progression, try to mix in the b3 and #4 to produce a 9-note, bluesy scale that mixes a modal and blues sound in your lines over the blues.

What do you think of this theory quick tip? Have you ever tried to mix these two sounds in your solos before? Share your thoughts below.