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Full Version: Winter Tune
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Original lesson: Winter Tune by Piotr Kaczor

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate! Congrats on this take. You are very close to get a 10 with this one. Here you have some comments:

- Your tone is a bit dirty. Maybe it's clipping or it's your drive settings. You should try to get a cleaner tone that has the same sustain, using a compressor, sustainer or maybe something close to the tube screamer and lowering the drive from your amp.

- There are some phrases that has little timing issues, mainly the ones that has 16th notes. (like at 00:40, 00:46, 00:51).

- There are some moments in which the notes doesn't sound (00:44, 01:20)

- Some of the bends that you play in the last section don't reach the correct pitch. Pay attention to it.

That's all. I think that you will be mastering this one soon. Keep on the hard work!
Cosmin Lupu
Hello mate smile.gif

I think that Gabe pretty much pointed out everything that was necessary so that you can work on and improve your take wink.gif

Take the time to focus on these aspects and you will get the 10!

Darius Wave
No surprise! Great job with only few details to fix. Nothing more to add than the things pointed by Gabriel. Also agree about the tone improvement needed
Ben Higgins
This was a great take to watch Thomas - good work !

The lads have already mentioned a few details like notes not sounding, bending pitch etc.

I really like the fact that you managed to include Piotr's quirky bends like 0:53.. these parts are important so it's nice to see you nailing them.
Pass: 8
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