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Full Version: Sum 41 Style
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Original lesson: Sum 41 Style by Gabriel Leopardi

Hi, just decided to do another REC-take. In the lesson videos Gab sometimes uses alternate picking and sometimes down picking. I decided to do alt picking on the lower strings(5/6) and down picking on the higher strings(3/4) as the tone was better for me this way.. although it was hard to switch between these two techniques instantly hope you don't mind :) Thanks for grading!

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mad! Nice to find this lesson at REC! I usually combine only down strokes and alternate picking, depending on the tempo, and the intention that I want to give to the riff. I love the aggression that only down strokes give to a part but sometimes I prefer AP feeling or need to go for it because the tune is so fast. (I'm not James Hetfield! laugh.gif ).

I think that this is a good take, and the only parts that need adjustments are the riffs which could sound tighter with the rhythm. The reason can be that your hand gets tired with the only down strokes or maybe just concentration.

Keep on the hard work! smile.gif
Cosmin Lupu
Hehe, hello Marc!

I see you took downpicking and palm muting seriously, after our discussion in that little video tongue.gif

Very nice take man - I think it's a matter of more playing here as Gabe said, in order to become more acquainted and thus, more relaxed while playing the piece.

Keep rocking!


PS...NICE PRS biggrin.gif
Darius Wave
Working on Your ability to reach high tempo with only downstrokes usage is a cool path and will lead You somewhere for sure smile.gif Gab said the purpose - it's the type of tone You want to get at the moment. We usually try to suggest students stay as close as possible with the original lesson details but since it's Gab's lesson and he sees no problem with then then I'm on it too smile.gif Well done - just a tiny timming issues and just a few little, unwanted noises but overall work is pretty descent smile.gif
Pass, 8
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