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Full Version: How Do You Determine The Level
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Jackson Shredder

I was wondering how you guy's rate the lessons in terms of difficulty.
I know they use levels 1-10, but is the higher number have more advanced techniques in it ?


Level 1 - Absolute beginner
Level 2 - Beginner
Level 3 - Beginner
Level 4- Intermediate

????? Is there a break down chart of this that you know about.

Thanks Gabe.

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi friend! How are you?

The lessons include a level description as a guide for students and it's set based on the technique difficulty. This can be also a bit subjective because it also depends on the student's skills. For example: You can be a guitar god playing alternate picking but maybe you are a completely beginner with Sweep Picking technique.

Have you checked REC program? It a part of the forum where you can submit your takes and we grade them and give feedback. There we give tittles to the students based on the average level of the lessons that they can master. Check the ranking:


1 Chord Basher
2 Apprentice Player
3 Roadie
4 Rock Star
5 Tone Seeker
6 Tone Master
7 Tone Guru
8 Guitar Hero
9 Guitar Lord
10 Guitar God

"A 5 lesson rolling average of your highest graded passes will be the basis of your "level" score. This means that your level will be calculated as the average of the levels of your last 5 highest lesson submissions - to move up a full level, you will need to pass at least 5 lessons at that level. Fractional level scores such as for example 4.4 will be possible under this system. We will take the 5 highest lessons, as opposed to the last 5 lessons so that you are not penalized level points as you try to improve on your experience score. "

Learn more about REC:

I hope that this answers your question, if not, let's continue the chat! wink.gif
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