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Full Version: Hand Synch
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Original lesson: Hand Synch by Ben Higgins

Cosmin Lupu
Hey mate!

You are very, very close to a great result with this lesson smile.gif As an ensemble it's in good shape - your hands are synced and the picking is clean, but some of the position shifts could be more in time, plus, I think there's one string which is out of tune sad.gif There are some notes which sound out towards the ending - see minute 0:29 - 0:33.

Take a bit more time to practice this one slower and you will surely have a perfect take and also, don't forget to check the guitar tuning before recording! smile.gif

All the best!


Ben Higgins
Hi man, in terms of technique this is very, very accurate.

Watch out for that position shift at 0:08, try to make sure that you definitely hit the correct fret.

Your hand co-ordination is brilliant so the only things to improve upon are the position shift at 0:08 and the tuning issue.. it sounds like the B and high E are too flat.

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi friend!! Great job with this lesson! Your technique is evolving really good! There are just some details to have in mind in order to improve this take is get a 10:

- Guitar tuning: There is a tuning problem in one or more of the higher strings that becomes more notorious when you reach the higher frets. Remember to check your tuning before recording.

- Guitar sound: There is a loud noise in your signal, you should try to find out if there is a problem with your cable or guitar because it's not normal. It appears when you are not playing but it's can be a problem when you are phrasing and want to use silences between melodies and phrases.

Besides these two technique issues, I can say that your playing is tight and fluently so you are ready to work on a more advanced AP lesson to keep on training your technique. Feel free to write me a PM if you want some suggestions on what to work next.

Keep on rocking! wink.gif
Almost there, 7.3
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