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Full Version: Hand Synch
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Original lesson: Hand Synch by Ben Higgins

Cosmin Lupu
Hey mate smile.gif

I see you are working hard, which is very good!

This lesson is a great way to hone your alternate picking skills, thus as the title suggests, synchronising the hands. As I see it, you only need to polish it, in order to make it sound as close to the original take, so here's what I noticed in detail:

- the tone has a lot of gain, which makes the take sound a bit dirty - maybe taking off a bit of gain, will contribute to cleaning the overall sound
- 0:23 - 0:27 the timing of this one is a bit shaky - maybe you should isolate this phrase and work on it a bit at a slower speed, in order to make sure that you can play it against the metronome and sound as relaxed, natural and in synch aspossible smile.gif
- as a general observation, if you will spend a little more time practicing it at a slower pace, by using one of the slower backings and focusing on clean playing, being relaxed and in time with the backing, you will be able to have a far more natural sounding recording.

Keep rocking, mate!

Ben Higgins
This is very good stuff !

There's nothing to criticise with your overall technique here, it's solid. Your grasp of muting is generally good too. There may be a couple of instances of unwanted string noise (as in your other REC take) but nothing too detracting.

The only thing that warrants revising is the way you play the last descending lines, from about 0:27 onwards. It appears in some cases that you're deviating from strict alternate picking and using two upstrokes in a row (economy picking) to make the string crossing motion. This will confuse your alternate picking pattern so definitely have a look at this before it can cause you any significant confusion and later problems. The end of that run at 0:29 is slightly wrong as well.

Overall very good !
Darius Wave
Cosmin gave You really good tips. I would consider lowering the gain at first because less gain demands harder picking and that's where the real problems come. Of course You can use gain setting proper to your own taste but at the practice stage it's good to make things harder rather than easier.

A little tip. When You want to make slower notes have a better timming, You need to make a litte wider movements of Your picking hand. It does refer to the slower section only. The popular saying "less motion for more efficient picking" works for higher speed. For slower sections we need to have a consistent, always the same motion of picking hand, same as while playing the chords on acoustic guitar.
Pass: 8
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