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Full Version: Devildriver
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HAIL DevilDriver!

That's all... smile.gif
Jakub Luptovec
Oh... great band:)
Though, Coal Chamber was better IMO.. but some of their songs are gr8. I just kinda dont like their new CD. Fury of our makers hand was the best:)
Have you heard bonus track from their selftitled album? Digging up the corpses, it was in Resident evil sountrack IIRC.
It just so happens that I have come in the possesion of their entire discography... Any recommendations for songs? (I haven't listened to it yet)
I think the one that stood out to me the most was Hold Back The Day - on Fury of Our Makers Hand

I much prefer Coal Chamber tho, their music seemed to suit his voice better.
Hey Jakub -

I have not heard there latest. Do they have one beyond Fury? I would love to hear it if so!


I would check out all of it definitely - it's all great to me! But the song "Nothing Wrong" really hooked me on them. Also, I'm stuck on "Sins and Sacrifice" lately. It's really hooked me! smile.gif

And my opinion, I think DevilDriver is much better than Coal Chamber. Much more talent and melody. I'm sure some will argue that but hey, it's just my thought, right? smile.gif
Jakub Luptovec
To advice you - from Devildriver album -
I could care less - totally awesome song! This got me to them:)
Devils son - really wicked intro
Digging up the corpses - best of their songs IMO, but its bonus track..

Fury of our makres hand -
Fury of our makres hand
Hold back the day
End of the line - great, melodic intro and then kicka** song

and Last kind words (2007 - the new album)
I havent found anything, that would sound like a hit... maybe later I will get hooked.. but now.. the songs has just good names.. but I dont like any of them that much.

Hm and about coal chamber.. songs were softer but.. in DevilDriver, i have problem, that 75% of songs sound the same... Instead of Coal chamber, where they were different.

Have fun

Okay, thanks for the advise, I'm listening to them as I type.

Btw, is it advised to listen to Coal chamber songs as well, seeing as I like the more 'softer metal'?
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