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Full Version: Gamma Ray
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The Uncreator
Here is another fantastic band, GAMMA RAY.

There singer / lead guitarist used to be the axeman in helloween, he can also be asscoiated with nearly every power metal band, cause he has done more guest vocals thananyone i can think of, his name is Kai Hansen!! Besides having a major icon like Kai In this band, there music is wonderfully powerful, great riffs and superior solo's. They remind me of opeth in the sense that they have a singer with an impossibly great voice with guitar skills to match it. check em out.

Gamma Ray - Last Before The Storm
Yea but Opeth are definitely more unique in my oppinion. Gamma Ray's awsome though, I used to be into them along with Helloween, his voice is really great too. This is a good video, wish I was there sad.gif
Gabriel Leopardi
He has patented the classic "Power Metal Chorus"... but he has done it with Helloween's keepers. I think that his compositions has influenced lots of power metal bands like Angra, Rhapsody, Stratovarius, Edguy, Scanner, Masterplan and many others.
Nice link!
The Uncreator
Kai has done so much to keep track of what hes done would be very hard, its better to say what he hasnt done, much shroter list.

Amd yeah i know what you mean about the "Power Metal Chorus". smile.gif
Whoa the booming bass/drumm intro almost blew me off my seat... Awesome band... As far as I can tell from that song that is.

And... Respect to that bass player... Playing power metal with your bare fingers... I've tried to play bass myself once, but quickly resorted to using picks because my fingers could hardly keep up with the simplest of songs (then I turned back to guitar, bass is not really my thing...).

And its true, that guy has an amazing voice, I whish I could sing like that.
Ah, my favorite band. After starting into metal with the first hammerfall album i soon got to gamma ray and helloween. I realy like the early helloween stuff with hansen and almost every project he appeared in. But gamma ray is, in my opinion, the best in power metal. smile.gif The are sometimes referred as the powermetal 'grandfathers', not just because they somehow invented it, also because theyre not the youngest anymore. Just take a look at Henjo Richter, the guitarrist, he looks like a grandfather thats telling sweet goodnight stories to his grandchildren. And Kai runs out of hair lately, on stage he often wears a hat. wink.gif

Sadly theyre not often here in germany in the last years but i was at a concert last year and i never saw a band that was so authentic and real on stage. They just know what theyre doing and on top of it, they have fun while doing it smile.gif
Kai Hansen is is the coolest guy I know. Not only a great guitarist but a great person too.
Emir Hot
Gamma Ray is an awesome band. Don't know about recent projects but got some great earlier albums including live ones.
The Uncreator
There newest DVD is awesome, love the song Heart Of The Unicorn. Just an intense song.
Santiago Diaz Garces
I really like Gamma Ray. It's like more powerful than Helloween. I like very much the style of Henjo Richter. He's not the best player, but he has an unique style that calls a lot my atenttion
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