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Full Version: Take 4: Minor vs Major - Beginner
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Original lesson: Minor vs Major - Beginner by Muris Varajic

i am still struggling with vibrato. hopefully i am on the right track.

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
Ben Higgins
Hi Sumit, you're working very hard on this and I commend you for your dedication. It can be easy to get bored of the same lesson but you're proving that practise does lead to improvement.

Your vibrato is getting better. Notice how the end of the phrases sound less robotic? By adding a bit of vibrato to the last note of a phrase it stops it from standing out and sounding too stark.

Your picking is also improving. The coordination between both hands is better.

The span of your fingers is still quite small yet but that will increase with time.

Good work!
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi summit!

I've been checking the forum and I've noted that you are very active and working very hard. Well done! This will have a cool impact in your guitar playing.

This lesson shows that your technique is slowly improving but also shows that there are areas that still need practice:

- bending
- picking
- vibrato

Each of these elements show progress but you should continue working, following the suggestions that I've given you at the forum, practicing diary with a consistent guitar routine.

Cheers mate.

Darius Wave
Unfortunately I was out of net for a moment and I saw your Take #5. I will post m,y6 feedback and grade right there, in the new topic.
Almost there, 5.3
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