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Full Version: Funk Rhythms Workout
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Original lesson: Funk Rhythms Workout by Diego Budicin

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi friend!

I've first found this one at our mentoring thread so I commented it there. This means that you already know my thoughts about your playing on this one. Your overall playing is really good, you get a consistent tone and good dynamics. The problem starts when you reach the single note rhythm where you have notable timing issues that keep happening until the end of the take.

So please pay attention to this issue during the next days of practice and share a new take when you feel it's fixed.


Ben Higgins
Hey man your tone and strumming / picking technique are both really good.

The main problem with your take is timing. You go in front of the beat quite often, especially during the single note riffs as Gabriel mentioned. But even before that, ad after, there are notable timing issues so if you can work on them then you'll be a very strong rhythm player.

Left hand chord work was also strong.
Darius Wave
Hi there!

Watched original lesson video and your take. Basiclly there is not much to complain - nice tone match and most of the take was played pretty clean. The only problem here is the timming. You play slightly too fast (in front of the beat) but those slow parts are performed withing the limits of tolerance (in a good meaning). Fast parts needs some more work. Try to increase wrist angle. At some points I think you could use more wrist than the forearm.
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