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When I am playing along with a backing track, how strict do I have to be to stick to notes in the key? If the backing is D major, I tend to put the scale generator on the screen, select D major all positions and totally stick to those notes but, sometimes I'll try a note outside of the scale and, to my ears it sounds ok.

Any tips?

Even if the tonality is Dm, you have a chord progression during the track and you can follow the chord tonality or not .

you can play some notes ouside the Main tonality but present in a realtive one present in the track

i'm right ?

Andrew Cockburn
QUOTE (Phil66 @ Nov 1 2015, 08:49 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
sometimes I'll try a not outside of the scale and, to my ears it sounds ok.

That's the key right there - it's your music, so if it sounds OK to you it's cool smile.gif

Scales are a guide, almost like training wheels in some ways but if you stick to them too fanatically you will eventually limit yourself. Having said that, they are however a good place to start and use as an anchor to come back to. In the end, learn the scales be fluent with them and use them as a guide but don't be afraid to play out for a specific effect or tension that sounds good to you.
QUOTE (Phil66 @ Nov 1 2015, 01:49 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
...sometimes I'll try a not outside of the scale and, to my ears it sounds ok.

Thats cool, if you feel like it go one step further and select a totally irrelevant note and musically try figure out how to get there and make it sound ok.
Thanks Andrew and Mertay,

Pretty liberating! I think I've read too many analyses of solos in the guitar mags I think.

If it sounds good, it is good. Some of the greatest music ever written was based solely on breaking the "rules". Wrong notes played in inventive and tasteful ways are what differentiates us all. Have fun!
Thanks. I've read many reviews of guitarists and their solos saying things like "he amazingly pulls notes in from many different modes during a solo and he makes it work" and similar things.
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