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Full Version: John Frusciante Style Lesson
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Original lesson: John Frusciante Style Lesson by Gabriel Leopardi

here my first try from this awesome lesson...

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Kris! I'm glad to see you working on this lesson.

There are basically two main elements to focus during the next days of practice.

- Timing
- Bending

The best way to work on these things is to play along with the lesson to emulate rhythm and your bending's pitch. About timing, most of the phrases are not going tight with the backing.

I also note that your guitar is not sounding perfecly tunned. It becomes more notorious when playing on higher frets so maybe it's related to calibration or old strings.

Ben Higgins
Hi man. To echo what Gab said I would agree that your timing is very hesitant here, like you are often a fraction of a second behind where the phrase needs to be. It won't take too much work to fix but it's worth doing. Try paying heed to the strumming of the rhythm guitar as well to help you maintain the relaxed groove.

Bending can be improved as well. The second whole tone bend was quite good but the first one was slightly under. So some bending work is a must!

Darius Wave
Hey there! There is not that much of details in this lesson so there is not much to spot aside from some essential issues to fix. Timming, intonation and bending.

Bending is not so far from right pitch so it only needs polishing and should be ok

Intonation - guitars are mean and nasty instrument - they actually never get tuned perfectly (digital perfection-wise) Very oftne we ned to verify the frets we use in particular recording. Do not trust open string only when you use your tuner smile.gif. MAke sure to stretch all strings before recording so they won't get slightly out of tune right after first few takes whiel recording.

Timming - those are some long notes mostly so the "impatient right hand" factor comes in. Even if it's a kind of lazy playing it still demans full focus to hit notes exactly at the time they should be played
Almost there, 5
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